Taylor Cavanah
Business Manager
email: taylor_cavanah@dcgsystems.com

Taylor Cavanah joined Zyvex in May 2004. He currently leads the business development efforts for Zyvex Instruments. His position reflects Zyvex’s commitment to expanding our leadership position in the industry.

He was previously Zyvex’s NanoWorks® Tools Product Manager where he rationalized the product line and repositioned the products for better alignment with the semiconductor industry. Taylor also developed a product roadmap and a detailed market report on the nanoprobing industry.

During his tenure as an Applications Development Scientist at Zyvex, Taylor worked to develop the semiconductor IC probing application, as well as nanostructure probing techniques. He was responsible for customer demos, probing services, and installs and training.

Prior to joining Zyvex, he managed the Arc Discharge CNT Production Lab at UTD, which included a LEO 1550VP SEM and Zyvex S100 Nanomanipulator. Cavanah worked on unique production geometries and techniques during the arc discharge formation of single and multiwall carbon nanotubes. He also researched new purification methods, characterization techniques, and growth mechanisms of CNTs.

He was also a member of an internal think tank at Sony America reporting to the Chief Segment Marketing Officer. His team was tasked with product forecasting ten years in the future with a focus on breakthrough technologies and developing markets. The project culminated in a report and presentation to the President of Sony America, President of Sony Pictures, and the Vice President of the Sony Design Studio.

During his position as a Research Assistant at Rice University, he researched possible methods to assemble gold nanoshells into a crystalline structure. He was awarded a Shell Scholarship for a summer research term in 2001.

Professional Experience

• Business Manager, Zyvex Corporation (2007–Present)

• Product Manager, Zyvex Corporation (2006–2007)

• Technical Sales, Zyvex Corporation (2005–2006)

• Applications Development Scientist, Zyvex Corporation (2004–2005)

• Research Assistant, University of Texas at Dallas Nanotech Institute (2002–2004)

• Think Tank Member, Sony America (2002)

• Research Assistant, Rice University’s Physics Department and Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (2000–2002)


• M.S., Physics, University of Texas at Dallas (2004)
• B.A., Physics, Rice University (2002)

Professional Affiliations

• Electronic Device Failure Analysis Society [EDFAS] (2006–Present)
• American Physical Society [APS] (2002–Present)
• Texas Nanotechnology Initiative [TNI] (2002–2004)


Guest Lecture, “Advances in Probing State-of-the-Art Transistors and other Nanoscale Devices,” Keithley Lunch and Learn, NSTI Nanotech 2005.

R. Gupta, T. Cavanah, A. Hartman, R. Stallcup II. “Probing Transistors at the Contact Level in Integrated Circuits,” Zyvex Confidential Application Note (2005).

R. Gupta, T.M. Cavanah and M. in het Panhuis, ‘Nanomanipulation of individual carbon nanotubes’, Microscopy and Microanalysis 10 (suppl 2), 962-963 (2004).

International Conference on Synthetic Metals (June 28, 2004)
“Conductance Behavior of Carbon Nanocoils under Strain.” R. Gupta, M. Zhang, R. Stallcup, T. Cavanah, M in het Panhuis.

Photonic, Excitonic, Spintronic Processes in Nanostructures (January 22, 2004)
“Arc Discharge Synthesis of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes Using Multiple Arcs and a Rotating Cathode.” T. Cavanah, S. Williams, M. Zhang, W.M. Sampson, P. Landon, R.H. Baughman, A.A. Zakhidov.

Annual APS Meeting (March 2003)
“Arc-Discharge Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes in Simulated Microgravity: Effects of Geometry and Rotations.” T. Cavanah, S. Williams, A. MacKnight, R.H. Baughman, A.A. Zakhidov.

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