NanoEffector® Probes
Nanoscale Probes for Zyvex Nanomanipulator Systems

• Material: Polycrystalline Tungsten Wire
• Length: 14mm
• Shank diameter: 0.25 mm
• Effective tip radius: Better than 50 nm
• Average tip radius: 40 nm
• Effective taper angle: Less than 15°
• Average taper angle: 8°
• Tungsten purity: 99.9%

Note: Probes undergo a rigorous batch-by-batch inspection according to established statistical process control (SPC) standards. We qualify each batch of probes in an SEM for tip radius and taper angle.

Order Lead Time
• Up to 100 probes: 6 weeks
• More than 100 probes: Call for lead time (972.792.1671)

Note: There is a minimum order quantity of 20 probes.

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