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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
Our office is at 1321 North Plano Road in Richardson, Texas.

Is Zyvex listed on the NASDAQ?
No. Zyvex is currently a privately held company.

Can I visit Zyvex?
We are receptive to visits from professionals and students working in closely related disciplines. Email or call at least two weeks in advance to be sure we’re able to accommodate you. We have to interrupt other work we’re doing to meet with you, so please give us a clear idea of what you’re working on, and why you think the visit would be mutually beneficial.

Can I work temporarily (i.e., on a sabbatical)?
People doing nanotechnology work, or wanting to do so, have inquired about visiting us for an extended period. Write us if you are interested in exploring this further. Presenting a plan of what you’d like to accomplish is highly recommended.

Do you have a summer intern program?
Yes. Contact our Human Resources department via an e-mail. Include your background and some idea of what you’d be interested in doing.

Do you hire post-docs?
Yes. Contact our human resources department via an e-mail. Include your resume, with a proposal of what you’d like to accomplish.

Do you make nanotubes?
No we don’t. However, if you’re interested in nanotubes, please visit our sister company: Zyvex Performance Materials (ZPM) at www.zyvexpro.com. Although ZPM does not make its own nanotubes, they have identified a significant number of vendors worldwide for both SWNTs and MWNTs, and have supplier relationships with many of them.

Can we partner with Zyvex?
We work closely with various partners to structure a business relationship based on the needs of our customers. We view our customers as partners, bringing nanotechnology to worldwide markets. If you’re interested in a partnership, please contact our Global Sales Department at 972.792.1671.

I’m a student interested in nanotechnology. What should I study?
There are several web pages that describe how to prepare for a career in nanotechnology. In general, if you study physics and chemistry, with some mechanical engineering (particularly in the area of MicroElectroMechanical systems - MEMS) and computer programming, you will have a good start in the field of nanotechnology.

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