Abstract for the Fourth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology.

AMOEBA, a simulator for Nanotechnology Systems

Bruce Damer

DIgital Space Corporation
343 Soquel Avenue, Suite 70
Santa Cruz CA 95062
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A software system, AMOEBA, has been developed to serve as a breadboard simulator for researchers in molecular nanotechnology. AMOEBA is a multidisciplinary effort, borrowing from the fields of biological modeling, control systems, artificial life and agent software. A demonstration of AMOEBA will be given, running facsimiles of single celled organisms which react autonomously within their environment. AMOEBA objects are constructed from a toolkit of simple components including tubes, vesicles, detectors and functional end nodes. It is hoped that this building block approach will provide a kind of Feynman Diagram for understanding and modeling nanotechnology constructs. In addition, the flow of control through objects is represented as generic tokens, which could simulate chemical, electrical or photonic signals in real nanotechnology devices.

It is intended that the AMOEBA simulator assist nanotechnology researchers and technologists in the following ways:

One long term goal is to be able to construct a model of a complete assembler with AMOEBA. Feedback following the presentation will be very valuable in determining the future direction of the AMOEBA project. Both critiques and collaborations will be warmly welcomed.