The Fourth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology

SUMMARY: The conference is now over. This web page now serves as an archival source of information about the 1995 conference.

The Fourth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology was held November 9-11, 1995, in Palo Alto, California. It was a multidisciplinary meeting on molecular nanotechnology, that is, thorough three-dimensional structural control of materials and devices at the molecular level. Attendees included chemists, materials scientists, physicists, engineers, computer scientists and others interested in learning about the field and participating in its development.

The Next Conference

The Fifth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology will be held November 5-9 1997, in Palo Alto California. Information is available on the web at

Video and audio tapes

Video and audio tapes of the conference are available from Sound Photosynthesis, POB 2111 Mill Valley, CA 94942-2111, USA; 1-800-815-7999; 1-415-383-6712;

Audio tapes are $10 per lecture + tax and mailing. Mailing is $2 per three tapes. Tax is 7.25% for CA residents.

Videotapes are $35 plus tax and shipping per two hour tape. The lectures are arranged sequentially on tape according to the conference program. Tax is as above and shipping is $3 per video tape.

A single conference highlights compilation videotape is available for the the same price as the other videtapes.

Complete list of speakers and poster presenters available

This is the web page for the conference. It's URL is: This page now serves as an archival source of information about the conference, the attendees, the papers presented, etc. We will be adding and updating information over the next few months. We expect that drafts of most of the conference presentations will be made available on the web, linked from the conference page. Final versions of the papers that are accepted for publication will be published in Nanotechnology.

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This conference was a meeting of scientists and technologists working in fields leading toward molecular nanotechnology: thorough three-dimensional structural control of materials and devices at the molecular level. The conference will cover topics relevant to the pursuit of molecular control, drawing from fields such as: Developments in these fields are converging, opening opportunities for fruitful collaboration in developing new instruments, devices, and capabilities.


The conference schedule is available.


Most abstracts are available. Draft papers, when available, are linked from the abstract.
* invited speaker

A list of poster sessions is also available.

The 1995 Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology was presented at the meeting to Nadrian C. Seeman.


The support of our corporate sponsors has been of the greatest importance to this conference, and we would like to extend to them our sincerest thanks.

Apple Computer

Major Sponsors:
Beckman Instruments
Molecular Manufacturing Enterprises, Incorporated

Supporting Sponsors:
Weil, Gotshal & Manges
Loral Electronic


There were demonstrations of the Apple PowerMacintosh 8500 and 9500 computers; Silicon Graphic's Onyx and Indigo 2 computers; Biosym/Molecular Simulations Cerius 2 molecular modeling software; CambridgeSoft's ChemOffice molecular mechanics software for the PowerMac; Schrodinger's ab initio quantum chemistry software; Park Scientific Instrument's Scanning Probe instruments; books from the Stanford Bookstore; the Institute of Physics Nanotechnology (see below); and more!

A demonstration of 3-D VRML models derived from Nanosystems was given by Construct.


The proceedings of the conference will be refereed and published in a special issue of the international journal Nanotechnology. Formatting information is available from IOPP.

WWW publication of preprints

Authors are encouraged to make preprints of their papers available on the web.


The Hyatt was fully booked. Other hotels in the vicinity:
        Country Inn - $38-43/single room
        4345 El Camino Real

        El Camino Real Lodge - $36.25/single room
        2700 W. El Camino

        San Antonio Inn - $44/single room
        2650 El Camino W.

        Palo Alto Super 8 - $55/single room
        3200 El Camino (1 1/2 miles from Rickeys)

        Dinah's Garden Hotel - 3 Star $90 Up
        4261 El Camino Real

        Creekside Inn Best Western
        3400 El Camino Real

Conference sessions were held at the Hyatt Hotel in Palo Alto.

Hyatt Hotel
4219 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94306
(415) 493-8000 tel
(415) 858-1151 fax


The conference site is easily reached from San Francisco International Airport and San Jose International Airport. Information on ground transportation services will be mailed to registrants.

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