Poster Abstracts

This is a preliminary listing of the abstracts for the poster session at the Fourth Foresight Conference on Molecular Nanotechnology

  • The Vaporization Chemistry of Trimethylaluminum Ammonia and Trimethylamine Alane as CVD Precursors to Aluminum Nitride as Revealed by Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry with Time-of-Flight of a Modulated Molecular Beam

  • AMOEBA, A Simulator for Nanotechnology Systems

  • Direct Observation of Latent Nuclear Tracks in Organic Material by Atomic Force Microscopy
    DR. NOEMI ROZLOSNIK; L.S. Bohus; C. Birattari; L. Biro; K. Havancsak

  • Nanometer Diameter Fibers of Polymer Produced by Electrospinning

  • Linear Rigid-Rod Molecules Containing Carborane Sunbunits
    PROF. M. FREDERICH HAWTHORNE; Wei Jiang; Mark D. Mortimer; Carolyn B. Knobler

  • In Situ Atomic Force Microscopy Investigation of Protein and Virus Crystal Growth Mechanisms
    ALEXANDER J. MALKIN; Yu. G. Kutznesov; A. McPherson; J.J. De Yoreo; T.A. Land

  • Immobilizati on of Biomacromolecules on Ultraflat Au(111) Surfaces Via Chemisorbed w- functionalized Self-Assembled Monolayers
    DR. PETER WAGNER; M. Hegner; P. Kernen; F. Zaugg; G. Semenza

  • Two- dimensional Melting Transition of an Aluminum Thin Film Via Computer-Based Atomistic Simulation

  • HERMES: A Tool for Creating Distributed Modeling Applications
    GARY HANYZEWSKI; Michael Mull

  • Design of Basic Elements of Molecular Computers Based on Quantum Mechanical Investigation of Photoactive Supermolecules, Supramolecules and Small Fullerene Molecules

  • Information Theoretical Aspects of Multiple-Valued Logic in Molecular Electronics

  • Computational Studies of Positional Stability
    SALLY A. MEYER; Mark A. Morgenstern; Steve W. Metzger; R. E. Tuzun; Bobby G. Sumpter; Donald W. Noid

  • Investigating Some Physical Properties of Functionalised PAMAM Dendrimers
    ANNA THORNTON; David Bloor; Graham H. Cross

  • Methodologies for the Construction of Supramolecular Arrays From Biological Macromolecules
    NIR DOTAN; D. Arad; A. Freeman

  • Modelling of Polyelectrolyte Gels as Smart Materials and Structures
    IVAN I. OLEINIK; B.A. Klumov; M.A. Kozhushner; A.I. Yaremchuk

  • Quantum Dot Imaging by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study of Electron Tunneling Phenomena at Surfaces
    MORTKO A. KOZHUSHNER; G.K. Ivanov; I.I. Oleinik

  • The Dynamics of Fluid Flow Inside Nanomachines
    ROBERT E. TUZUN; Donald W. Noid; Bobby G. Sumpter

  • Novel Simulation Techniques for Computational Nanotechnology
    BOBBY G. SUMPTER; Donald W. Noid; Robert E. Tuzun

  • The Dynamics of Molecular Bearings and Motors
    DONALD W. NOID; Robert E. Tuzun; Bobby G. Sumpter

  • Tip Surface Interaction Modification by Ultrasonic Surface Vibrations
    V. SNITKA; M. Rackaitis; A. Ulcinas; D. Zukauskas; M. Fukui

  • Microsensors Based on Tunneling Displacement Transducers
    THOMAS W. KENNY; J.K. Reynolds; J. Grade; C.H. Liu; A. Barzilai; A. Partridge

  • Emergent Computation by Catalytic Reactions
    WOLFGANG BANZHAF; Peter Dittrich; Hilmar Rauhe

  • Technologies and Designs for Electronic Nanocomputers
    Michael S. Montemerlo; J. Christopher Love; Gregory J. Opiteck; David J. Goldhaber; James C. Ellenbogen

  • Self-Assembly, Virtual Fields, and Matter as Software
    JOHANN SCHLEIER-SMITH; James C. Ellenbogen

  • Nucleotide-Directed Molecular Assembly

  • Near-term nanotechnology: the molecular fabrication of nanostructured materials