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Zyvex Temperature Characterization

Zyvex Temperature Characterization package includes high accuracy controllers and a removable thermal sample stage.

Our Temperature Characterization Package is the complete solution for thermal probing in an SEM. The package includes a hot/cold sample stage, a temperature controller which is integrated with and easily controlled by the main Zyvex software, a feedthrough flange designed for the SEM, as well as all required electrical and mechanical connections. The hot/cold sample stage replaces the Z sample stage in the sProber and mounts on the X, Y, Z stage in the dProber and nProber.  The hot/cold sample stage can be easily and quickly installed and removed by the user.

Low Temp: -30C
High Temp: 120C
Temp. Resolution: 0.01C
Temp. Accuracy: Better than 2C
Temp. Stability: 0.1C
Heating Ramp rate:
Variable – Less than 10 minutes from 20C to 120C
Cooling ramp rate:
Variable – Less than 10 minutes from 20C to -20C
Sample Size: 12mm X 12mm X 3mm
Heat transfer gas used: Nitrogen

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