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Zyvex Low Noise Characterization

The low noise triaxal cable attaches directly to the probe and provides superior electrical performance.

The Low Noise Characterization Package upgrades an S100 or sProber™ system with custom cabling to electrically measure lower currents. The package consists of dedicated triax lines running from the parametric analyzer (PA) to a custom designed Zyvex Triaxial Feedthrough and vacuum compatible mini-triax cables from the feedthrough to the probes. All of the cables are routed around the nanoprober head for clean operation. The package can provide one to two orders of magnitude better measurement accuracy allowing for characterization of phenomena never before possible.

Cabling: Triaxal from the PA to each probe
Measurement Resolution: 0.1 fA
Peak to peak noise: Less than 200 fA
DC Leakage: Less than 50 fA @ 5V

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