Zyvex nProber™
The Complete Solution for the Semicondutor Failure Analysis Industry

The new Zyvex nProber™, part of the NanoWorks® Tools product line, is designed and optimized to electrically probe sub-100nm features on semiconductor devices.

The system consists of a state-of-the-art Zyvex Nanomanipulator, an FEI Quanta™ 200 FEG SEM, a Keithley 4200 parametric analyzer, an advanced anti-contamination system, and custom software to control and integrate each component.

The nProber dramatically increases throughput without sacrificing ease-of-use. The system guides the user through each application while remaining flexible enough for advanced probing experiments.

The semi-automated system has eight encoded positioners for increased probing capability and throughput. The XYZ encoded center stage provides step and repeat capability allowing the probes to remain in place while the sample is moved to the next bit. The nProber also provides vision feedback capability for point-and-click positioning of the probes and center stage. All of this is combined a CAD Navigation software suite to quickly locate and move to the area of interest.

An easy-to-use Windows based software platform seamlessly integrates all of the components of the nProber. The FEI Quanta 200 provides the optimal resolution, video rates, beam shift, vacuum technology, and user control required for IC nanoprobing. The nProber’s electrical characterization system is specifically designed for low-noise measurements. Our most advanced anti-contamination system rigorously cleans the SEM enabling the user to achieve superior ohmic contact.

The system is also a platform for future applications packages as materials, geometries, and technologies evolve. The nProber is the complete solution for IC failure analysis.

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