Zyvex S100 Nanomanipulator
The Premier Choice for Nanomanipulation inside a High-Resolution Imaging Tool

The Zyvex S100, part of the NanoWorks® Tools product line, is a manipulation and testing tool used with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) or a focused ion beam (FIB) system for micro- and nanoscale research and development applications.

The system consists of a state-of-the-art Zyvex Nanomanipulator, a control cabinet housing the PC and electronics, a joystick, and Windows based software to control the system.

The S100 is specifically designed for research and development labs in universities, national facilities, and industry. The system is easily installed and removed by the user allowing the SEM/FIB to be quickly converted between imaging only and nanoscale manipulation applications. The system is also flexible enough to work with a wide range of electrical, mechanical, and other test equipment through the patch panel on its control cabinet.

The S100 has a coarse mode which provides controlled cartesian motion over large distances (12 mm of travel with 100 nm resolution) and a fine mode for extremely smooth and precise motion (100 microns of travel with 5 nm resolution) . Zyvex NanoEffector® Probes have a tip radius of 50 nm or better and a smooth taper to tip that allows multiple probes within a small area. Each positioner contains 5 I/O channels, for a total of 20 independent electrical connections inside the SEM.

The S100 is a versatile tool that is designed to provide the best possible nanomanipulation platform for a multitude of applications. Researchers on a budget can design their own characterization packages to integrate with the S100 or purchase specific characterization packages from Zyvex. Our Applications Group is constantly working on new enhancements for the system in areas like mechanical, electrical, and thermal characterization.

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