Zyvex sProber™
The Installable and Removable Solution for the
Semicondutor Failure Analysis Industry

The Zyvex sProber™, part of the NanoWorks® Tools product line, is designed and optimized to electrically probe sub-100nm features on semiconductor devices.

The system consists of a state-of-the-art Zyvex Nanomanipulator, a parametric analyzer, an advanced anti-contamination system, and custom software to control and integrate each component.

The sProber is uniquely designed for the customer’s existing Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) or Focused Ion Beam (FIB) System. The system is easily installable and removable by the user allowing for optimum usage of their SEM/FIB.

The system has four positioners with 5 nm resolution of movement. The user can manipulate the probes and positioners using a high precision joystick. The software provides accurate control by tuning the motors and joystick to each user’s preference.

The center stage moves independently of the probes in the
Z direction for higher throughput and easier operability. The center stage and sample holder can also be designed to integrate with the load lock if the SEM/FIB is equipped with one.

An easy-to-use Windows based software platform seamlessly integrates all of the components of the sProber. The software also provides instant feedback to the user and a powerful scripting engine.

The sProber’s electrical characterization system is specifically designed for low-noise measurements. Our most advanced anti-contamination system rigorously cleans the SEM/FIB, enabling the user to achieve superior ohmic contact. The system can be further upgraded with most of the available application packages offered by Zyvex.

The sProber is a full-featured nanoprobing solution for semiconductor or failure analysis lab customers on a tight budget who already own an SEM or FIB system.

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